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中山国际游戏游艺博览交易会 Zhongshan International Games&Amusement Fair 2022中山国际元宇宙生态博览会 2022 Zhongshan International Metaverse Ecology Expo

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Getting There

G&A - Transpotration Guidance

A. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhongshan Convention Center:(About 130km,it takes 2 hours or so.)

To take the shuttle bus from airport to Zhongshan when arrived the airport 
(No.7 entrance) to Zhongshan Shengjing hotel, then take a bus or taxi to 
Zhongshan Convention Center.
B. Zhuhai Airport to Zhongshan Convention Center
(About 95km, it takes half and one hour or so.)

1.To take the shuttle bus from airport to Zhongshan to Sanxiang (busterminal), 
then exchange a bus or taxi to Zhongshan Convention Center when you get to 
the Zhongshan Jucheng Jjaqi (Eastenzone).
Note: The shuttle bus DepartureTime :11:00 12:00 15:00 17:20 20:20 23:00

2. Take taxi to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and transfer Guangzhou-zhuhai intercity railway to Zhongshan Station, then transfer taxi to Zhongshan Expo Center.
C.Shenzhen Airport to Zhongshan Convention Center

To take Shenzhen to Zhongshan shuttle bus to Zhongshan departure lounge 
(Zhongshan Shangri-la hote lsouthern 6 side), then take a bus or taxi to Zhongshan Convention  Center. 24 trips one day. (Consulting tel: 0760-88836688)
D. Guangzhou Stationto Zhongshan Convention Center 
(About 105 km, it takes one hour and forty minutes or so.)

1. Guangzhou bus station to Zhongshan Fuhua hotel station

2. Guangzhou bus station (eastline) – Zhongshan bus station 
(06:50-20:00,about30mins onebus). 
Zhongshan bus terminal tel: 0760-88628771
E. Driving Guide

1. Guangzhou,Panyudirection:
Jingzhu expressway Zhongshan city entrance to Boai 6 Road

2. Panyu highway to Zhongshan gang bridge then toYishan road, arrive at Boai 6 Road

3. Shenzhen and Dongguan
Jingzhu expressway Zhongshan city entrance to Boai 6 Road