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中山国际游戏游艺博览交易会 Zhongshan International Games&Amusement Fair

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6 Concurrent Events

G&A Opening Ceremony
The 3rd China Golden Tripod Award
International Marketing Conference on Chinese Cult
Asian Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference
The 3rd Advanced Workshop on Indoor Park Operations
National Amusement Parks Safety Seminar

More than 400 exhibitors joined us

Introduced more than 400 domestic and overseas exhibitors
Exhibiting more than 1,000 new global products
Create a great scale of Chinese games&amusement fair

14 Themed Exhibit Areas

Large Amusement Facilities
Arcade Games Machines
International Pavilion
Hi-Tech Entertainment & Digital Amusement
Aquatic Play
Animation IP Licensing
Cultural Tourism
Cultural Toursim Technology & Smart Tourism
Cultural Tourism Investment&Operation
Night tour Products&Service
Attractions Development
Secondary consumption
Ice&Snow Leisure
Attractions Lighting

Opening of G&A 2020
November 28, 2020
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