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中山国际游戏游艺博览交易会 Zhongshan International Games&Amusement Fair

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China Golden Tripod Award Ceremony
National Amusement Parks Safety Seminar
International Marketing Conference on Chinese Cult
The 3rd Asian Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference
Promotion & Implementation Conference of National Technical Committee 
Zhongshan Culture & Tourism Industry Investment & Financing Matchmaking Meeting & Forum  

More than 600 exhibitors joined us

Introduced more than 600 domestic and overseas exhibitors
Exhibiting more than 1,000 new global products
Create a great scale of Chinese games&amusement fair

24 Themed Exhibit Scopes

Large Amusement Facilities
Arcade Games Machines
International Pavilion
Hi-Tech Entertainment & Digital Amusement
Aquatic Play
Animation IP Licensing
Cultural Tourism
Cultural Toursim Technology & Smart Tourism
Cultural Tourism Investment&Operation
Night tour Products&Service
Attractions Development
Secondary consumption
Ice&Snow Leisure
Attractions Lighting

Opening of G&A 2020
November 28, 2020
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