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2024第16届中山国际游戏游艺博览交易会 16th Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair 2024

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Concurrent Activities

Opening Ceremony of G&A 2022 & MEE 2022
Golden Tripod Awards Ceremony
National Safety Seminar on Large-Scale Amusement Equipment
The 2nd China Culture & Tourism Industry Future Development Conference
The 1st China (Zhongshan) Metaverse Ecology Conference
2022 Zhongshan Fun Festival

Exhibition Scope

1、Equipment for Amusement Parks & Attractions
∙Equipment and related services for indoor parks, themed parks and water parks;
∙Water sports equipment, facilities and services for tourist attractions;
∙Investment, development, planning, construction, operation and management solutions for culture and tourism projects;
∙Technologies and equipment for smart tourism and all-for-one tourism;
∙Winter sports, red tourism, study tour, sojourn and camping products;
∙Cultural & creative products, animation IPs and IP-licensed products, commercial art display and holiday events, culture and tourism project promotion;
∙Digital sports equipment, interactive somatosensory equipment, cloud platform technologies and smart systems, etc.

2、Metaverse Related Products
∙Metaverse related applications and solutions, VR/AR/MR/XR equipment and solutions for education, real estate development, home furnishing, games and other industry sectors, VR/AR arcades;
∙Virtual character, digital twin, virtual exhibition hall, smart city, motion capture, digital creativity;
∙Digitalization solutions for exhibition halls and commercial exhibitions such as museums, science centers, company showrooms, etc.;
∙All kinds of LED displays, creative displays, interactive multimedia solutions, new media art;
∙Attractions lighting, night tours, live entertainment, immersive space design, etc.

Themed Pavilions

Electronic Games/Animations
Attraction Equipment/Amusement Rides
Digital Sports/Digital Culture & Tourism
Water Sports 
Culture & Tourism Technology/Smart Tourism
Culture & Tourism Investment, Development & Operation
Cultural and Creative Products
Winter Tourism/Night Tour
Metaverse Products 

Opening of G&A 2021
October 10, 2021
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